What's Your Fashion Style?

Here is our visual guide to the six major fashion personalities; Classic, Creative, Dramatic, Natural, Romantic, or Trendy.  Of couse these are generalizations and you may prefer different styles at different times - or you may just be Creative and like to mix it up!  Thanks to Polyvore, we've created a some visual aids to help you determine where you fit in.  CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO SEE OUR JEWELRY SELECTION IN THAT STYLE.

Classic Fashion Personality                    Creative Fashion Personality
  • Appreciate traditional, conservative, mature clothing
  • Like to match accessories to clothing
  • Neutral colors and solids over prints
  • Clean, straight lines with tailored waists
  • Kate Middleton and Jackie O are style icons
  • Variations include: Preppy, Mimimalist, and (Channel suite style) Elegance
  • Enjoy mixing colors, prints and fabrics
  • Bold and innovative looks
  • Combine different styles
  • Artistic and unconventional
  • Style icons include Diane von Furstenberg and Zoey Deschanel
  • Variations include; Quirky, Kitchy, Vintage inspired Mod, and Ecentric Bohemian
Dramatic Fashion Personality                    Natural Fashion Personality
  • Enjoy making an entrance
  • Like structured or body hugging fits
  • Bold colors and high contrast appeal to you
  • Love statement accessories
  • Oparah Winfrey and Khloe Kardashian are style icons
  • Variations include: Confident, Sofisticated, Glamorous, and Alluring
  • Appreciate natural soft fabrics
  • Casual, low maintainance clothing
  • Tend to layer clothing
  • Natural hair and make-up
  • Style icons include Audrey Hepborn and Giselle Bundchen
  • Variations include; Skater, Surfer, Preppy, and Flower-girl Bohemian
Romantic Fashion Personality                    Trendy Fashion Personality
  • Flowing feminine dresses
  • Ruffles, pleats and lace
  • Soft colors and draping fabrics
  • Floral prints and accessories
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt and Taylor Swift are style icons
  • Variations include: Vintage, Whimsical, Classic Romantic and Dramatically Romantic
  • Enjoy fashion magazines like Elle, Glamour, Vogue, Marie Claire
  • Have a varied closet
  • First to try the latest looks
  • Love accessorizing with jewelry, bags and shoes
  • Style icons include Beyonce and Avril Lavigne
  • Variations include: Sassy, Urban, Eclectic